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Introduction of Flexible Loading Systems

Introduction of Flexible Loading Systems

 As the supporting equipment of freeze drying system, flexible loading systems has realized automatic loading & unloading and transferring of products from freeze dryer ,which has replaced manual operation, and greatly improve the production efficiency and meet the sterility requirements.

The flexible loading systems mainly emphasizes automation, isolation, continuous processing  and systems integration. Integrated with filling machine, lyophilizer and capping machine, it can complete aseptic transfer of products under the protection of isolator system. Operators can control and realize the entire automatic loading and unloading process through HMI.

Composition of Flexible Loading Systems

Flexible loading systems usually consists of three main systems (sometimes according to the actual workshop layout, the IOS, loading and unloading systems will be used as both the in-feed station (IS) and the out-feed station (OS) simultaneously.)

   Ÿ   In-feed station (IS)

The in-feed station is responsible for connecting with the filling machine to ensure enough buffer and continuous operation of the filling machine. At the same time, it arranges the penicillin bottles in rows to accumulate the full amount of one layer, acting also as the buffer platform for the AGV to take materials.

   Ÿ   Out-feed station (OS)

The out-feed station is responsible for connecting with the capping machine to ensure continuous transportation of the capping machine and acts also a buffer platform for AGV to feed materials.

   Ÿ   Automatic guide vehicle (AGV)

The AGV is responsible for the material transportation between the in-feed station, out-feed station and lyophilizers. It can transfer a full layer of materials at a time under the protection of laminar flow for efficient production in aseptic environment.

Advantages of Flexible Loading Systems

  Ÿ   Efficient production

There is no frame for transfer in the production process, automatic loading systemsincreases the effective loading capacity of the plate layer while reducing the risk of human intervention in the frame setting. It can transfer a full layer of materials and achieve high production efficiency, and its loading speed can reach 700VPM and unloading speed 1,200VPM in maximum.

  Ÿ   Flexible On-Demand Production

Flexible loading systems can realize the flexible production of multiple lyophilizers according to customers’ demands; a set of system can accommodate to the loading and unloading of multiple lyophilizers, achieving flexible scheduling and being easy to expand production capacity.


High-Quality Transfer

Automated and unmanned transfer is completed without manual intervention. Product transfer is always carried out under the protection of unidirectional flow ,which guarantee the repeatability and verifiability of processes.

  Ÿ   Aseptic Production Environment

Installed in Class-B filling area, flexible loading systems can ensure that the products are protected by RABS during the whole process of loading and unloading. Meanwhile, the lyophilizer’s door opens in the aseptic room, which can guarantee an aseptic environment.

  Ÿ   Easy-to-Operate Control System

The advanced control system processes automatic program operation ,manual as well as emergency operation mode, meeting the requirements of FDA 21CFR, Part11 electronic records, electronic signatures, etc. With user-friendly operation interface and flexible control mode, the control system, based on HMI-PLC double structure design, is equipped with SCADA system, remote control function; its simple and reliable formula management enables fast switching of different production.